Ascutney Trails is just 15 minutes from Interstate 91.  From the North, take Exit 9 onto Rte 5 South through Windsor, then turn right onto Rte 44 West to continue into Brownsville.  From the South, take Exit 8 to Rte 5 North then veer left to Back Mountain Rd (passing Swoops and Loops along the way) to Rte 44 West into Brownsville.

Ski Tow Rd Trailhead

Located at 450 Ski Tow Rd, in Brownsville (accessed from Route 44), you’ll find an information kiosk, changing room and port-a-john at the end of the old ski resort parking lot (2018 will see construction of the Ascutney Outdoors Center as the new hub of MTB, skiing and other activities).  Trails from Ski Tow Rd offer riding for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders with primarily single-track terrain: switchback climbs, bridges and boardwalks, technical rock features and cruisy mountain traverses.

Mountainside Drive Trailhead

Located at 56 Mountainside Drive in Brownsville you’ll find a small (and we mean small!) parking area to allow for quick and easy access to the privately-owned Mile Long Field.  Cross over the bridge to stroll, run or ride up the expansive Mile Long Field, allowing for easy access to the central section of the Ascutney Trails network suited to beginner, intermediate and advanced riders.  The field is also perfect for those looking for a gentle walk or hike with a rewarding view from the top of the field across the West Windsor valley.

Town Forest Trailhead

Located in the Town Forest at the very end of Coaching Lane in West Windsor (accessed from Route 44), this trailhead provides an information kiosk and smaller parking area than Ski Tow Rd.  Riding from here is better suited to intermediate and advanced riders and offers a variety of primarily single-track terrain: rock gardens, rollers, bridges, up and down through forest glades, bermed flow trails and some ‘old school’ technical sections.

State Park Trailhead

Located on Back Mountain Rd (Route 44A), opposite the entrance to Mt. Ascutney State Park, this trailhead provides an information kiosk and a small roadside parking area.  The 3.5-mile trail network here is novice-friendly, but intermediate-enjoyable with single and double-track terrain: flat and gently undulating through the woods, bridges and boardwalks, switchbacks, dirt rollers and one big hill to challenge all skill levels.

Suggested Loops and Maps

A map with suggested routes is highly recommended so you can enjoy riding trails that match your ability.  Maps are available at the nearby Climb Fitness Center (223 Hotel Rd.), as well as nearby bike shops Paradise Sports (Windsor, VT) and Claremont Cycle Depot (Claremont, NH).  If you don’t have a map, look out for the trail markers at each intersection to guide you around the trails: green for beginners and blue for intermediate and black for advanced.