Mountain Biking

At Ascutney Trails, you’ll find a 30-mile network of mapped and marked mountain bike trails spanning the ski area in Brownsville, and the adjacent West Windsor Town Forest.  Carefully planned and routed to guide you through some of the most beautiful and diverse terrain in New England, the hand-built trails stand as a premier destination for mountain-bikers from all over the northeast and beyond.  The trails are built and maintained by our friends at Sports Trails of the Ascutney Basin (STAB), and offer a challenging and enjoyable riding experience for mountain-bikers of all skill levels.

Four trailheads each offer something a little different:

Ski Tow Road – these trails offer riding for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders with primarily single-track terrain: switchback climbs, bridges and boardwalks, technical rock features and cruisy mountain traverses.

Mountainside Drive Trailhead – Riding from here allows easy access to the central section of the Ascutney Trails network.  Wind your way up the grassy (and regularly mown) Mile Long Field to access a variety of primarily single-track terrain suited to beginner, intermediate and advanced riders, depending which route you take.  Cruising down ‘Hayride’ to finish your ride is a must-do for anyone, and is sure to put a smile on your face.

Town Forest/Coaching Lane – Riding from here is better suited to intermediate and advanced riders and offers a variety of primarily single-track terrain: rock gardens, rollers, bridges, up and down through forest glades, bermed flow trails and some ‘old school’ technical sections.

State Park Trailhead – The 3.5-mile trail network here is novice and kid-friendly, but intermediate-enjoyable with single and double-track terrain: flat and gently undulating through the woods, bridges and boardwalks, switchbacks, dirt rollers and one big hill to challenge all skill levels.

Visit our ‘location’ page for more information, where to purchase a map and directions to each trail head.

The most current trail information can be found here:

Photo by Felicity Knight