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Updates & News

This past season, we had many days of  fun, friendly, affordable skiing and tubing, especially for our community school programs. We also were just awarded a very generous grant from the VOREC.  Read more about our news in our March MailChimp           


Hikers and Walkers: A number of our trails and dirt roads in lower elevation, such as the Discovery Trail and much of the Ascutney Outdoors Trail, are drying out and can be walked on.  Please use common sense and stay off during rainy periods. 

 Bikers: All the bike trails in and around our system (Brownsville, West Windsor, etc.) are easily damaged during mud season, so please stay off them until you receive the “all clear”.

 From the State Park: All trails in the State Park are currently closed for mud season, except for the auto road to the summit. 


Please note that we already have a very full calendar for the coming summer season and weekends are booked solid.  Feel free to check in with us if you are interested in mid-week rentals.


We were so pleased that many events are returning to the mountain this past summer.  For a list of coming events, please see our Events Calendar.



What We Do

Ascutney Outdoors offers a remarkable four-season venue for outdoor activities and nature lovers within the beautiful and diverse ecosystem of Mount Ascutney.

Four Season Recreation



  • Hiking on some of the most scenic trails in Vermont
  • Mountain biking on 35+ miles of trails maintained by our sister organization Ascutney Trails Association
  • Equestrian trails around the base of our mountain

Community & Events


Ascutney Outdoors was created to bring the community together to enjoy our mountain. Our organization, trails, and activities are made possible by a dynamic group of volunteers–and we’re always looking for socially distant new recruits!


When it’s safe to gather again, the Ascutney Outdoors Center is the ideal place for large and small activities and events.