Our Partners

Ascutney Outdoors maintains strong partnerships with local communities, organizations, and businesses working toward the common goal of recreation and conservation on Mount Ascutney.

The Town of West Windsor

The Town of West Windsor (TOWW) is located in Windsor County, just west of the Connecticut River and the New Hampshire border, in east central Vermont. The village of Brownsville, in the town of West Windsor, sits at the northwestern base of Mt. Ascutney (elevation 3143 ft.), a central feature of the town’s landscape.

Ascutney Outdoors, an independent nonprofit, was formed to take responsibility for the management, oversight and development of recreational, educational and community activities and conservation on the Town’s 1,582 acres of land under a delegation of authority from the Town of West Windsor.


Ascutney Trails Association (ATA)

The Ascutney Trails Association joined forces in 2020 with the Sport Trails of the Ascutney Basin (STAB) to bring hiking and mountain biking trail development and maintenance into one organization.  The new ATA will continue to work in partnership with Ascutney Outdoors to maintain the trails located within conserved land owned by the Town of West Windsor and to promote mountain biking and hiking on the mountain.

The Upper Valley Land Trust

UVLT is a co-holder of the conservation easement on the West Windsor Town Forest and worked closely with the West Windsor community to develop an unprecedented easement to secure recreational access to our remarkable land in perpetuity. UVLT is responsible for monitoring the trails and property, and oversees and advises on the care and stewardship of the town forest land.



The Albert Bridge School (ABS)

ABS is a small, rural, K-6th grade elementary school located at the base of Mt. Ascutney in Brownsville, Vermont. The school and community are committed to place-based and outdoor learning as well as honoring, encouraging, and celebrating the excellence, diversity, and aspirations of each learner through creative and motivating challenges.

Ascutney Outdoors and the Albert Bridge School work collaboratively to provide recreation and learning opportunities on Mount Ascutney. Ascutney Outdoors works in partnership with school staff and volunteers to provide an after school adventure club and seasonal programs where students are encouraged to explore Ascutney Mountain through hiking, biking, skiing, sledding, and free play exploring the forest.

Orange Lake Resorts

Orange Lake Resorts is the developer and manager of the Holiday Inn Club Vacations Mount Ascutney Resort, which is adjacent to the Ascutney Trails property. Orange Lake Resorts is a long-time supporter of the activities and programs offered by AO and in 2016 provided significant financial support for the purchase and demolition of the old burned down base lodge. Orange Lake Resorts and AO have formed a strong partnership and are working together to develop new activities that will be enjoyed by resort guests, local residents and visitors to Ascutney Trails.


The Trust For Public Land

Between 2013 and 2015, The Trust for Public Land worked with the Town and other partners to purchase and protect 470 acres of the former Ascutney Mountain Resort, adding it to the existing 1,112-acre West Windsor Town Forest. The expanded Town Forest was permanently conserved, ensuring permanent protection of an extensive trail network, a public drinking water source, a hotspot of biodiversity, and a defining feature of West Windsor’s history and economy.